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August 30th / September 1st

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A very busy weekend at The Crouch Bowling Club Seaford

where the sun shone, for most of the time.

There were 12 finals played over two days, starting with Mens Limited Entry on Saturday, this proved to be a really close match with Alex winning by 21 - 17.

On the other green Leah Taylor played Derek Budd in the Mixed 100Up with Leah beating Derek by 102 - 78. Leah went on to win 4 of the finals, quite an achievement.

Over the two days there were some very close and exciting matches

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Another remarkable achievemnt saw Derek Budd take the Men's Singles Final 21 - 11 and Pat Budd the Ladies singles Final 21 - 10.

Pat and Derek's opponents Bob Carrington and Yvonne Newbold played really quite brilliantly, but were not quite a match for the Family Duo.

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